Chana Dal

Chana dal is quite the nutritious dal and is easily available too. It is a rich source of many vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, antioxidants, etc., and has negligible fat and cholesterol content. Chana dal is considered a superfood for eyes, skin, bones, teeth, and heart. It is also a great source of plant protein. It is also used to make Chana dal flour (Besan) and Namkin/ sweets. Certain regions in India and Bangladesh are the largest producers of Chana Dal and it is consumed in almost all parts of the world.

Before processing Chana dal, we source Desi Chickpeas (Bengal Gram/ Chana) of utmost quality from various parts of India. This is followed by cleaning the Chickpeas using a gravity separator and then processing them to manufacture Chana Dal. This is followed by polishing and sortex cleaning. We have our own predefined logistics system for storing the cargo in cold storage/ warehouse.

Entire process is followed under the strict supervision of higher management of our company making sure our export quality Chana Dal is one of the best in the market. Currently, it is being exported to Gulf Countries in huge quantities. Moreover, our Triple Ekka, Diamond ,and Eagle brands Chana Dal are one of the most popular brands in the Indian domestic markets.

Some of the key specifications of our Chana Dal include:

  • Sortexed/ Machine cleaned
  • Buff/ water polished
  • Weevilled free cargo/ No live insect
  • Pinhole: 0%
  • Moisture: Under 12%
  • Discolor: Max 0.05%
  • Broken: Max 0.5%

Reach out to us to know further details about samples, quality, rates, delivery terms, etc. Free delivery of Samples available all over the world.